How can Team Rein benefit you and your clients?

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Realtors, Why Partner With Team Rein?

See this mandatory link to Fair Housing in New York State.

REALTORS!  Team Rein is a full service property management company that owns and manages single, multi-family and commercial properties in the Broome County, NY area.  Through our years of ownership, we have learned many of the "skills of the trade" and have been sharing that knowledge gained with our client / investors.  We manage all types of property from single room efficiency apartments to executive homes and commercial buildings.  We are not your competition!  Your focus is on sales, ours is on management.  The system we have already in place is geared specifically to management.

Our philosophy has always been that the best defense is a good offense.  Looking down the road can lead to higher profits and fewer pitfalls for our mutual clients.  This proactive approach is appreciated by our tenants, some of whom have started out in a single room apartment, moved into a 2 bedroom and eventually ended up in a private home as their families have grown over the years.  During the current COVID-19 Pandemic, 99% of our tenants continue to pay their rent.  Some have come into the office with their stimulus checks and pay in advance so that they will be assured that their housing is not in jeopardy.  To me, that says we are treating our tenants right.  The loyalty we have to them is returned to us. 

The team approach is simple- owners, managers and tenants all working together, as a team, to ensure that living units are safe and in compliance with code and other regulations.  We believe that all  members of the team should be held to a high standard of accountability to ensure the ultimate success of the team.

Your clients do not need to reinvent the wheel!  Our extensive infrastructure equips us (and subsequently them) for nearly any calamity that may confront them.  Over the past 35 years, we have faced nearly every conceivable disaster.  From blizzards to floods, the current pandemic to Y2k (if you can remember back that far) we are prepared to meet the challenge with trucks, trailers, generators, high volume water pumps, high volume air movers, heavy equipment and temporary storage facilities.

We have worked with many Realtors and other professionals that have entrusted their clients to our care.  We offer a reduced management fee to clients referred to us by our professional counterparts.  In return, our commitment to you is that when that client wants to add to their portfolio, we will refer them back to you for any subsequent accquisitions they may want to undertake.  Likewise in the event that the client wants to sell, they are returned to your capable hands for that transaction.  So, it is a win for the client, and a win for you!  Read on for specifics of what we offer your clients......

What do your clients have to gain by using Team Rein for Management?

Here is a brief summary taken from the management agreement:

(1) prepare the unit for habitation according to local codes; 

(2) procure a tenant using print or other media;

(3) negotiate the lease agreement on behalf of the owner;

(4) collect deposits from new tenants;

(5) issue keys for the unit to the Tenant upon their taking possession;

(6) collect rents and forwarding same less any fees as provided in the agreement to the owner;

(7) receive requests for maintenance from Tenants and making minor repairs necessary to the ongoing operation of the unit hiring licensed contractors and obtaining permits if needed;

(8) inspect the unit upon the Tenant’s vacating in accordance with the NYS 2019 housing law;

(9) repair any damages brought about by the negligence of the Tenant;

(10) repair any damage in excess of the Security amount and provide an accurate accounting of that damage to the owner

(11) our accounting and data mangement system is second to none.  We can provide concise and accurate reports to clients on demand.

Our services are customized to the needs of your clients.  Paper check with a paper disbursement?  No problem.  Full internet based disbursement with ACH distribution of funds for not only national but world-wide? No problem!  Can a client handle their own maintenance?  YES!  One of most freguently asked questions we get is,  "do you handle evictions?"   That answer is a resounding "YES!" 

Our unique management structure permits us to handle evictions without the need for long winded and many times slow moving attorneys.  We handle the entire process in house saving our clients time and money.

From consultation with you and your client on profitabilty and proforma estimates before the offer, to tenant acquisition and property maintenance in the ongoing operation, to handling the transfer of ownership and management after the sale, only Team Rein has the knowledge and expertise to really take care of you and your investor clients.  Let us be another tool in your toolbox.