Welcome to our Tenant Community!

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What is the Tenant Community?

Since we first began offering real estate rentals over 30 years ago, Team Rein has made every effort to treat all of the members of our community, tenants, employees and clients with fairness and respect.

We know that there are many real estate agencies out there that do not incorporate the principles that we strive for.  Recently, I looked at our reviews on the internet.  I was shocked to see seven, and six of those were negative!  Three were tenants I had never heard of, three were people I remembered that may have had issues with paying rent and were either evicted or had lost their security deposits due to damage to the property- and the 1 remaining was an employee sticking up for the firm.  When I realized that during the past 35 or so years I had rented to close to 5,000 tenants, it occurred to me that maybe these 6 negative reviews really weren't so bad.  

None the less, the purpose for this page is to open communications to all of our current and prospective tenants so that we might reach our goal of 100% satisfaction.  I encourage any one that is dissatisfied with our operation to contact us by phone or email and we will make every effort to resolve whatever issue might come between us.

An important thing to know is we may not be the owner of a house or an apartment that we manage.  Sometimes we are representing the owner, and are limited in what we can do based on the instructions we get from him (or her).   The good news is that even though we may not own the property, we are local and are in a position to deal with even a difficult owner because of our agreement with them.  For example, code violations must be corrected under the terms of our agreement.  Also, many times the application you make with us, needs to be reviewed and aproved by the owner before we can rent the property to you.



What is the process for renting from Team Rein?

Once you have learned of a rental house or apartment, we suggest you click on our Facebook link.  That is where you can easily find available units with photos and see pricing and so forth.  There are also answers to frequently asked questions available there.  If you do not find what you need there, please call our office and we will give you updated information on current and upcoming vacancies.

The next thing you should do is search the property address on Google maps.  Many times you can learn the exact location of the property and often look at the neighborhood before you make an appointment with us to come and look at the unit.  Also, by expanding the map there, you can see where the unit is in relation to bus lines, your work location, schools, shopping, laundromats and other attractions that might impact whether or not that would be a good location for you.

If you feel that it would be a good fit, call our office at 607-785-8326 or email info@teamrein.com to schedule an appointment.  We generally are available to talk Monday thru Friday- 9:30 AM until 2:00 PM.  

While you are at the rental unit, we are able to provide you with an application, or you can copy, paste and print the application we have on this site.  It is to your advantage to fill out the application as completely as possible.  We are going to review all applicants and make a determination based on the application.  The more information we can look at the higher the chances are that you may be selected.  Incomplete applications will NOT be considered.  We may not be the final word on a selection.  The actual owner of the property may review your application along with others and make a final determination as to which applicant is chosen to occupy the unit.  Many times we do not know the reason for a denial, or what caused an application to be approved.

After approval, you will be asked to place a security deposit on the unit.  This ensures that you will be the tenant renting the unit on the agreed upon move in date, provided that all of your rental application information is accurate and honest.  You will also need to sign a lease agreement, usually a month to month agreement, and you will have an opportunity before you move in to do a pre move in inspection.  If you choose not to do a pre move in inspection, don't worry- part of your lease agreement includes an inspection that you can do after you move in. We ask you to return your inspection form to us so that you can document any potential issues that are present in the unit.  You are expected to pay your first months rent before we will issue keys to you.  

Don't forget, if you are going to need utilities you want to contact those companies ahead of time.

When I want to move what is the procedure?

When it is time to move out, a month to month tenant needs to give us a minimum of 1 rental period's notice.  That means that if June will be your last month, you need to notify us before the 1st day of June.  During the last month of occupancy your unit will be inspected (around the third week of the month) and we will notify you at that time if there are any damages that you might be held responsible for.  

If you are an annual tenant, the more notice you can give the better so that we have time to do the same type of inspection and give you time to correct any problems that may be in the house or apartment that you are responsible for.

Whether annual or monthly, your lease has detailed information about what notice you must give, and what notice we must give you if you are being asked to leave.  Provided that all rent has been paid,  there is no damage beyond normal wear and tear, you remove garbage and all personal belongings, and do basic cleaning when you vacate, your security deposit is returned to you within two weeks of your vacating the unit.


How does maintenance get handled?

Timely and effective maintenance is the backbone of any management operation.  Our maintenance team is here to serve you with courtesy and respect.  Simply call the office at 607-785-8326 for maintenance.  Your request will be entered into our system and we will schedule a date or time to come and take care of your issue. Please remember that sometimes approval from property owners may be required and can sometimes delay our response.

Out of hours, follow prompts on that same number to reach a person or voice mail.  Be prepared to report the issue in a concise manner as there is a limited amount of time to speak with the employee on that initial call.  Wen leaving a voice mail be sure to clearly state your telephone number so we can call you back.  Depending on the severity of the issue, we will either send a person there immediately or we will follow up on the matter the next business day.

During the current Pandemic (COVID-19) be aware we will not enter your rental space if anyone is or has recently been ill.  Tenants are not permitted in the same room as our worker, and before entering your home our personnel are required to sanitizse their hands and put on facemasks.