Property Management Fact Sheet

In order to expedite our review, please take a moment to fill out the questionnaire as
completely as possible. No answers are mandatory, but the more information we have
about you and your property the better in evaluating how we can best help you. If you
would prefer to discuss these things personally by phone or in person, simply skip to the
contact section and we will be happy to contact you.

About You:
How long have you been an owner of rental property?
Do you do your own taxes?
Do you do your own maintenance?
Do you reside locally?
Do you have a local attorney?
Have you ever been sued by a tenant?
Do you have a career outside real estate?
Are you actively seeking to invest in more property?
About your current management:
Are you using a property manager now?
What is your biggest complaint?
What are you most happy with?
Are you receiving electronic disbursements?
Who does your maintenance?
About your rental property:
Single, student or multifamily?
If multifamily, how many units?
What town or village is your property in?
What are your average rents?
What is the age of your property?
Are you willing to provide us with a Schedule E related to your most recent tax year?
Do you maintain a depreciation schedule and would you provide that to us?
Do you have a landlord insurance policy on this property?
Has your property been cited for code violations in the past?
Your name
Email Address
Mailing Address (of subject property)
Home Phone Number and times to call:
Cell phone number and times to call:

Comments: Please describe any special features or updates that you have
made to your home since you purchased it.


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