Team Rein has been involved with commercial real estate since 1987. Broker Douglas G. Rein is current President of the Southern Tier Chapter of the New York State Commercial Association of Realtors. This small group of dedicated commercial Brokers meet for a breakfast round table discussion once every month where properties are exchanged and promoted for sale and lease. He and several members of his team are members of this group and are regular contributors to the discussions held at these monthly meetings.

These discussions allow members to keep current on events that are occurring in the community and keep themselves aware of market trends and developments that can impact the sale or lease of a commercial property.

When working with commercial property, the owner typically has unique insights and knowledge that would not be found in a residential property. As experienced commercial specialists, our team recognizes that you as the seller are an important part of the transaction, and many times your insight into the specific property can make the difference between simply looking for the best offer, and marketing that aspect of the property that reflects the highest and best use, and will result in the best price being obtained for your commercial property.

As members of the New York State Commercial Association of Realtors, we will market your property not only in the local Multiple Listing Service, but on a State, National and worldwide level as well, placing your property on the commercial sites frequented by serious commercial investors.

The marketing and promotion of the property require not only a good background in investments and real estate, but a high degree of "outside the box" thinking to bring the buyer and seller together. Being in tune to the needs of both parties is our specialty, and we will make every effort to represent your needs whether buying or selling. We understand that many times you are the greatest asset of the property and promise you that your input will be listened to and respected when marketing begins.

For more information on commercial sales and management, contact Principal Broker Douglas Rein at 607-785-2409 extension 326 today.